Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Cake Fit for a Best Friend

Monday is my best friend's birthday! He's turning 25... wow... so we're celebrating, but in a low key kinda way. I've kind of hijacked making his birthday cakes for the last couple years (last year was Deanna Troi, the year before was a Pokemon ball... before that I forget, but maybe I didn't make it that year). This year is a more "grown up" cake, no theme, just flavour fusion! So I made him this chocolate peanut butter marble cake from Sugar Plum, and topped it with some makeshift chocolate buttercream.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not-really-Easter Baking

Made a strawbery rhubarb pie for the first time, and though I botched the lattice it still looked kinda neat, tasted pretty good (my first time trying it too!), and was well received. Got the recipe from Canadian Living, here.

These cute nest cookies are just my usual haystack recipe with a few Cadbury's Mini Eggs on top. They were also well received, but I've gotta be honest when I say I preferred the components separately. Haystacks don't need to be messed with, they're perfect on their own... though they are cute this way.

So that was my non-Easter baking... barely celebrated the holiday, and now it's on to more fun things.