Friday, November 20, 2009

Lemon cake, and my triumphant return!

I haven't posted since Hallowe'en for a couple reasons... first, I really haven't done much baking since then, and second, I have a busted camera that make photographing the boring things I have made (some plain carrot muffins, some haystacks) incredibly difficult. But this time my baking was being shared with my dear friends Andrew and Kevin, who are the happy owners of a DSLR they let me use. So I bring to you, lemon cake! Or rather, vanilla cake filled with lemon curd iced in buttercream to look (kind of) like a lemon!

First things first, this cake is all about the lemon curd. I have been meaning to make lemon curd since the first time I had it with my scone at a nearby scone and coffee/tea shop. However I am not big on finicky recipes so my mission was to find the easiest one possible. Found it here! It's easier than you can imagine, and tastes amazing. I made half the batch since I was only making a 6" round cake.

The icing is basic buttercream (in this case it was 1/2 cup softened butter, 2 cups icing sugar, about a tsp of cream, and a splash of vanilla), tinted with Wilton gel colours.

And the cake (which was actually the least awesome part of this recipe) is the same one I tried from the Smitten Kitchen, her Best Birthday Cake. It was way better last time I made it, unfortunately. I think maybe it sat on the counter too long, since I was at knit night longer than I expected to be (while the cakes were cooling on the counter). Who knows. Next time it'll be perfect, I swear!

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