Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's a week late, but here's the updates on Thanksgiving baking... we did the stuff for my dad's birthday (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and nanaimo bars) which he thoroughly enjoyed. We also had banana muffins (same recipe as the cake in the first post), some less-than-successful cranbery muffins, and the traditional pumpkin and apple pies. Pumpkin pie should have had foil on the crust for longer, but the apple pie turned out beautifully and both tasted amazing. I also made pumpkin tarts, the one's from Bakerella's blog! 

I didn't make them miniature because I don't have a mini muffin pan, and I used my own pastry dough not the store-bought kind. My verdict? They were yummy, but not pumpkin-y enough for my tastes. Also, since my mom's partner is allergic to nutmeg we can't use any in our baking unless we want to kill him! So it's heavy on cinnamon, but it was still somewhat lacking in flavour. Even still they tasted good... like mini pumpkin cheesecakes with some pastry dough around them, which is essentially what they are. Really, what's not to like about that? I'm not sure if I'll make them again but I'm glad I tried them this time!


  1. The caramel sauce pretty much made my life..Never thought of putting that on Apple Pie .. and now I have a new favourite!..
    Was so happy to be a part of your thanksgiving!