Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baking Catch-Up

So although the blog has been quiet, my kitchen has not. Well, quieter than it sometimes is... but you get the point. So here's where I get you up to speed, completely with pictures and blurbs and all that fun stuff. Shall we go chronologically? I think we shall. (After the jump!)

Ohhh yum, butternut squash soup. Not baking, but delicious, so feast your eyes...

Apple pie at Christmas. It doesn't look like much, but honestly this was the best apple pie I've EVER made.

 Shortbread... my first, and probably last. It was super boring, hence I dipped a bunch of it in chocolate. Tasty, but boring.

Oh yes... quiche. My true love. My dear sister bought me a tart pan for Christmas, the snazzy kind with the removable bottom. So Boxing Day breakfast was a broccoli, bacon, cheddar quiche. Le yum!


  1. Oh my god, that emoticoned pumpkin is the best thing I have ever seen.

  2. Squash. I meant squash.

  3. Haha, he did not like being chopped. It hurt, so he screamed. Poor little squash, but he was sooo delicious.