Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Defense of Cake Mixes

 Fast food is popular for a reason... not that McDonald's necessarily makes a better burger than you can at home on your barbeque (obviously!), but that they're cheaper, easier, and foolproof. By the same token, cake mixes can be incredibly valuable. Tonight I just wanted to make a cake. I don't feel like eating it, I don't have anyone to share it with until tomorrow or the next day, but I don't care... just wanted to slab some pretty coloured icing on a cake and squiggle on some decoration.

So here we go... a 6" round French Vanilla Betty Crocker cake mix, with purple-tinted vanilla icing from a can! Luckily cutting a cake mix in 1/3 is pretty easy... 1/3 of the mix, 100mL of milk/water, 25mL of oil, and 1 egg. Done! A quick mix and I walk away, and come back to a perfect cake, ready for me to ruin with icing doodles.


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  2. Aww Laura you are Blogging about baking cakes. I love it. More please.